We’ve got that new album out in Canada today!October 2nd 2012

Camp Luedecke is an exciting place to be today. We did something to be proud of. It’s been a dream for some time to make an album with such beautiful and seasoned musicians. Tim O’Brien was inspiringly brilliant and sensitive to this batch of songs that I think are my best yet. I think I sang and played them well too. Nashville was just an awesome place to be. Teresa did a beautiful cover for it and the package is lovely. There will be vinyl in a couple weeks but for now, we unveil the CD and the digital parts. You can pick up the album around town or on the wild wild web. So please poke around the new website and look and listen. There’s even a new video of me playing one of my favourites from the album, I’m Fine (I Am I Am) on the beach at home in Chester, NS.

My team have me coming and going to some great places through the fall with Joel E. Hunt picking alongside of me.

Home is Awesome, the road is great and long, Tender is the Night. See you there.

Canadian Tour Announced!March 5th 2012

Well, after a quiet winter I’m hitting the road this spring. Gonna make a bunch of stops across the country. Check out facebook and twitter and the website. I have a beautiful ep I recorded last fall with Lake of Stew with some wonder on it but I’m also bringing around a pile of new tunes that i’ve recorded this winter in Nashville. That CD’s gonna come out in the fall, but I thought I’d come pay my respects across the country first. Hope to see you. oml

Video for VZmagazineFebruary 6th 2012

Check out this video that was shot for VZmagazine while I was recording my new album with Tim O’Brien down in Nashville.

Paul Simon, “Duncan” // Old Man Luedecke

WinterFebruary 6th 2012

I’ve got a new record. It’s hard to wait. It’s unmastered yet. I made it in Nasvhille in January. Stayed and played with Tim O’Brien who produced and played with me and Mike Bub and Kenny Malone, legends three. We did it at the Butcher Shoppe. It’s a place with real atmosphere and great sounds. The rest of the winter is going to getting it finished and out and goofing around with my little babies Cordelia and Wilhelmina, our seven month old twins. I’ve got tours coming up in Canada in the late spring, in the Uk in August and even a smattering of US dates with CD release stuff to follow in the fall. Be well

Oh and do click the link above and get the Lake of Stew OML EP. They’ve since broken up but it was a wonderful heart warming joy making that ep with them. It was released digitally in the late fall. oml

New EP!November 18th 2011

Sing all about it, my brand new ep with Lake of Stew is top five on noisetrade. Please keep sharing it around and enjoying it!

Ontario tourAugust 17th 2011

Tickets will be on sale for all Ontario shows starting August. 29th

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