Jonah & The Whale

Well Jonah bore the mark of Cain
His wife had thrown him out again
They’d moved the country all around
Hit the wall in Fort Mac town
When his wife said she couldn’t bear
She said “you’re moving on, I’m staying here”
She said “oh my hands are tied” X2 
Jonah Cried: “Oh Lord, I’m in the belly of the whale
when I try I still fail
It’s been a long time of nothing, this old crime of nothing
Thin dime of nothing is killing me, you’re not the one who’s 
hands are tied

No one sees the mark of cain
It’s a funny feeling you can’t explain
the boys gave jonah wider berth
He seemed lower down than the earth
When he begged and pleaded for another chance
the foreman took a harder stance
he said “oh my hands are tied” 

etc. chorus

Jonah tossed out on the sea
On suicide 63
Suddenly a blinding light
shook the car with all its’ might
Deep inside he heard a voice
Offering him a final choice 
that said “let your hands be untied” etc.